Are you eating more than usual since you’re at home?

Do you need more energy, more sleep, some new habits?

If you’re looking to set yourself up for long term success by creating healthier habits that will last you long after this virus, this quarantine and these crazy times are over, then join me for a new version of the Attain True Health Refresh.

Enjoy any of these vibrant benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved energy
  • Better digestion
  • Lower inflammation
  • Less cravings
  • Blood sugar stability
  • Sharpened mental focus
  • Minimize stress
  • Mood improvement

You’ll receive:

  • A preparation week packet of information to set you up for success. Our first 7 days will be a healthy cleanse – one week to reset your body.
  • Two weekly packets of information that includes all your guidelines and instructions, over 100 recipes, sample menu ideas, shopping lists, pantry staples and simple techniques that will enhance your overall health and take in to consideration that you are on a different schedule and your shopping, cooking and eating habits are new and different and might just need some simple shifts.
  • Post Week wrap-up packet of information that allows you to re-group and take a good look at how your body reacted to what happened over the last 3 weeks and adjust accordingly.
  • Daily inspirational emails from Alyson full of encouragement and guidance.
  • A membership in the private online Facebook forum that gives you access to all the other ‘Cleansers’ that are going through it with you. You can share recipes, ideas, stories and get extra support!

We’ll begin with a ‘preparation’ week to reset your body. A gentle 7-day healthy cleanse to get you prepared mentally and physically. We start every Monday… Pick your own start date!

 During this week, you’ll gradually shift away from the foods that are typically difficult to digest and are allergenic or addictive. Emphasis will be placed on nourishing, detoxifying whole foods. You’re encouraged to modify your diet by cutting back on caffeine, sugar, dairy, meat, gluten and alcohol. However this looks for you is OK at this time. You’ll receive your Preparation Week guidebook, meal plans and recipes. You’ll also receive your invitation to our members-only Facebook group so that you can share your goals and experiences and receive support from Integrative Nutrition Coach, Alyson Chugerman.

Over the next 2 weeks you’ll continue your healthy lifestyle by eating real foods as much as possible. We’ll gently clean our bodies and minds using real, whole, delicious food, detoxifying supplementation and simple lifestyle suggestions. This is not about fasting or juicing; it’s about letting your body enjoy real food and getting back in tune with itself. Each morning, you’ll receive an inspirational email and each week you’ll receive additional guidance, recipes and suggested meal plans, all why connecting with your community on the online Facebook group.
During the last week, you’ll receive a ‘Post-Refresh’ guidebook with information and tracking methods on the most beneficial way to ease yourself back into mainstream eating again. Then again, you might feel so great, you continue to eat this way!

There is NO COST for the information, guidelines, recipes etc. for the Attain True Health Refresh. However, your registration fee is to purchase the products that will enhance your detoxification protocol and allow you to feel amazing over the next 30 days. Please Note: if you do not feel amazing in 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund!

So, your next step is to go here to order your Prove it Challenge Kit. My mission is to prove to you that you can feel better, have more energy, more clarity, less aches and pains and also lose some weight in the process.

Once your order comes through, you’ll be admitted to the Facebook group and your journey begins.

Join me for a chance to keep the one thing on track that you can control – your health!