Live Longer Leaner - Attain True Health


Looking to kick start a weight loss routine or conquer a diet plateau?

Or just plain ol’ really want to feel better?

Join us for the Live Longer Leaner Program!

Give your body a healthy start to the new year…

Join us for our program that will set you up for a permanent lifestyle transformation. No more diets that don’t work!

This isn’t just a weight loss program! Losing weight is a deeply emotional, intensely personal, and potentially life-changing process for many people.

This is all about weight release. We want to release the pounds that are no longer serving us.

You’ll also be part of a private Facebook community of like-minded people that are committed to making a life-long change in their overall health to live longer, leaner.

Live Longer Leaner by:

  • Re-evaluating your present diet and lifestyle choices
  • Re-inventing your morning breakfast routine
  • Re-setting your metabolism
  • Re-vitalizing yourself with healthy food
  • Re-building your gut and your body 
  • Re-juvenating your body with optimal vitamins, nutrients and enzymes


What’s Included:

  • An amazing weight management program
  • Implementation procedures to enhance your journey
  • Daily personal attention and support
  • Weekly Health Chats that introduce lifestyle topics which include Stress Management, Hormone Balancing, Constipation, Bloating, Motivation to Exercise, Digestive Concerns and so many more
  • Direct access to a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach to ask your most pressing personal health questions
  • A private online community to support one another, post comments, share recipes and get information

Your Success Plan:

  • Free participation in the program
  • Participation in the private online Facebook community
  • A desire to lose weight, feel amazing, have more energy, think like a champion and be happy!
  • Choose one of the Shaklee 180 Programs below:


Benefits of the Live Longer Leaner Program:

1. Burn fat (not muscle) so weight will be released

2. Increase your energy

3. Recognize your triggers

4. Improve your mood

5. Reduce inflammation

6. Become more mindful

Upon sign up, we’ll send you ordering instructions so that you can purchase the Shaklee Plan that works best for you directly from your Shaklee Distributor.

For questions, please email

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