Coaching Programs

Light the Spark – 30 Day Jumpstart

The Jumpstart is a clear, 1 month, personalized action plan to help you shed unwanted weight, double your energy, gain mental clarity and get a jumpstart on easy, healthy eating habits without depriving yourself.

We’ll have an initial Discovery Breakthrough Session in the first week, followed by four additional 1-hour weekly sessions. You’ll also have unlimited access to me by email during the program.

You’ll receive nutritional education, which includes recipes, meal plans and shopping lists, as well as transformational coaching for specific lifestyle habits.

Here are the amazing benefits of this program:

Understand what your unique body needs and why
Simple lifestyle tweaks that bring you into balance
Boldly step into new habits that invigorate you
Increase your energy with high vibration foods and hydration
Tap into self-care techniques that will rock your world

Ignite the Fire – 90 Day Intensive

My most popular program! Over a 3-month time frame, we’ll cover all the elements of the Jumpstart program and then dig deeper to connect your mind with your body. We’ll begin by addressing your very real challenges in today’s busy world and then focus on identifying your own personal triggers and incorporate strategies that work for you.

You’ll get clearer on what you can eat and move further away from what no longer works for you. You’ll change your thought patterns and food habits through simple practices with mentoring tailored to your needs. You’ll build on the basics and make healthy eating and mindset shifts a habit, setting yourself up for long-term success.

We’ll have an initial Discovery Breakthrough Session, followed by six additional 1-hour sessions every two weeks. You’ll also have unlimited access to me by email for the course of the program and receive customized nutrition, meal planning ideas, mental rehearsals, experiential exercises, as well as transformational coaching to create the shift you need to move into a life of harmony and abundance.

Here are the incredible benefits of this program:

Break free of the old patterns that deplete your energy
Understand self care without guilt
Set boundaries without apologizing
Experience movement in a whole new way
Create new sustainable healthy habits that last
Discover personal goals with a focus on optimal wellness
Learn managed stress reduction techniques
Discover the magic of movement
Also includes everything in the ‘Light the Spark’ program!

Illuminate Your True Self – 6 Month Immersion

This is for the client who desires exceptional change, who knows that something truly needs to shift, and is ready to transform their life in ways they never thought possible. It’s time to ‘discover’ what is working and what is not!

Immerse yourself in a 6-month program to release weight, regain energy,  improve mental clarity and transform your mind, body and soul so that you can regain the vibrancy that you know is there!

We’ll have an initial Discovery Breakthrough Session in the first week, followed by 10 additional 1-hour check ins every two weeks. You’ll also have unlimited access to me by email for the course of the program. You’ll receive customized nutritional education and meal planning ideas to start your physical transformation, but more importantly, you need to be prepared for the emotional shift that will happen using my Transformational Coaching Methods.

Here are the unbelievable benefits of this program:

Become more intuitive to your body’s needs
Find inner peace and perfect clarity
Discover which areas of your life are craving nourishment
Cultivate the habit of self nurturing and self love
Uncover obstacles that are keeping you from your true self.
Recenter, redefine & reinvent the highest version of yourself
Clear the space to open up new possibilities
Also includes everything from the ‘Light the Spark’ and ‘Ignite the Fire’ programs

Let’s find some sure-fire strategies for your health and fitness goals!