Meal Planning

Many people today consider meal planning a chore.

Life is very full and we are busy just trying to keep it all together. Also, there might be some picky eaters in your family
or specific food sensitivities that you are dealing with. And there are times we just don’t feel creative and we are tired of
cooking the same thing over and over again.

What would you say to a monthly customized meal plan to fit your budget,
your family’s likes and dislikes, as well as, their specific needs?

The Attain True Health Meal Planning Service is designed and customized specifically for you and your family to make you feel empowered. And most importantly, it will teach you how to fit healthy eating into your lifestyle with ease.

We begin with a thorough meal planning assessment so that I can understand you and/or your family’s needs including eating preferences, lifestyle, time management and goals.

Once I have all the necessary information, together we create a meal plan that is realistic and fun. It could be a 7-day plan, 14 day, 21-day or an entire month. And it could be just for dinner because that is where you struggle the most. Or your family decides they want recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts that includes the grocery lists, instructions and a prep guide for each meal and includes leftovers. You decide!

My goal is to get you and your family excited to eat well, get you back in the kitchen enjoying yourself and to learn to incorporate more healthier foods into your diet that meet your unique lifestyle and needs. The meals are straightforward and budget-friendly.

Let’s set up a time to discuss your goals and options. Can’t wait!

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