Food Sensitivity Testing - Attain True Health

I offer a unique IGg food sensitivity test that will tell us which foods you are eating that could be causing a reaction and/or inflammation in your body.

If there are specific foods that your body thinks are ‘foreign invaders’, it will be helpful before we proceed with a meal-planning guide to know what they are.

Inflammation caused by food sensitivity reactions are linked to a wide variety of chronic health problems like obesity and diabetes, as well as skin, heart, joint and digestive disorders (including IBS, ulcerative colitis, gastritis and many more). Elimination diets can be effective for the big offenders like corn, gluten, dairy, and soy…but what about the dozens of others foods you like to eat?

Food Sensitivity vs. Food Allergy

Food allergies and food sensitivities are terms often used interchangeably and inappropriately. Food allergies are a hyper-reaction of the immune system to the ingestion of certain food. The response is often within minutes. The most common foods implicated in food allergies are peanuts, shellfish or foods containing sulfites. People with severe anaphylactic responses can die within minutes if they ingest even one molecule of their allergic food.

A food sensitivity is an immune system reaction that is much more delayed than a food allergy, sometimes taking weeks to manifest in the body. And there’s more than an 80% chance that you’re intolerant/sensitive to foods you eat everyday. While not immediately life threatening or anaphylactic, food sensitivities are a significant stress on the body and lead to long-term health issues. Food Sensitivity reactions can involve any food and can cause a wide variety of symptoms.

  • Food Sensitivity Symptoms
  • Inflammation
  • Digestive issues, IBS or heartburn
  • Stubborn weight or bloating
  • Joint pain
  • Acne, eczema or other skin rashes
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Depression and fatigue
  • Persistent congestion, sinusitis

Why Take a Food Sensitivity Test?

An IgG (immunoglobulin G) Food Sensitivity Test is a useful guide to determine if food reactions are contributing to your physical or mental symptoms. And to identify which foods should be removed from your diet to alleviate symptoms.

My 96 Food IgG Panel Test includes a blood sampling kit and easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete the test yourself. This will be mailed to you and once you prick your finger and fill out the card, you then mail the sample to the lab. A personal food sensitivity profile will be returned to me in as little as 10-14 days, showing your reaction level to 96 foods that have been found to cause issues for many people. It will then be reviewed by the Doctor and myself and we will come up with a suggested protocol to follow based on the results.

I highly recommend this informative test!

Please click on the link below to order your test kit ($599.00) and a one hour follow-up consultation is included to review your results and provide you with your customized protocol.

At the age of 46 I had already had a couple of heart attacks followed by a quadruple bypass and then 2 hip replacements. I wasn’t even 50 and felt like I was 80. I was overweight, tired and depressed and still lacked the motivation to change.

My physician recommended I see Alyson Chugerman after having to increase my blood pressure medication yet again. I knew it was time to make a change and this pushed me in the right direction – I had to get healthy once and for all.

Within the first week of eliminating foods I was sensitive to I felt lighter, more alert, and calmer and just had this overall feeling of peace. The bloating was gone, the IBS was gone, the insomnia was gone and the depression was gone!

It is amazing that within the first month I had more energy and felt better about myself. I didn’t struggle with food cravings as much, which allowed me to make the right choices. As a bonus I have lost 21 pounds and my wife has lost 17.

The two of us taking this journey together makes it so much easier to be successful. This is a lifestyle change for us because we feel great and don’t ever want to revert back to feeling terrible again.

Alyson treats the whole person – mind, body and soul. Nutrition is just a piece of it. She helps you discover what works best for you as an individual so you can have freedom at last.

Thank you, Alyson, for your guidance, encouragement and patience.

John M.

My family and I have been lucky enough to know Alyson for a few years now, but it wasn’t until I ended up in the hospital – diagnosed with “ulcerative colitis” – that I relied on her more heavily than ever. When I was discharged from the ER, the doctors told me to eat “white bread and cheese” without asking if I had any food allergies or intolerances. I knew not to follow, but wanted to gain more clarity around where this issue was stemming from.

Prior to my hospitalization I had participated in Alyson’s (amazing) Refresh twice and felt my best ever during both of those time periods — primarily incredible sleep, increased energy, no 3pm slump, and more. Given those positive results and my more drastic situation, I felt it was the time to take things one step further. I recently completed my food intolerance test and the results were amazing – and surprising!!! I’ve made major changes in my life around food and have noticed significant changes in my health, energy levels and overall feeling after meals. I’ve cut out certain foods that I’m severely intolerant to; ones that I was eating on a daily basis I might add and would have never known without her consultation. Alyson is a wealth of information and has tremendously helped me on this path to feeling my best!

Nicole A.

Before taking the Food Sensitivity Test, my life and health wasn’t “bad.” I am extremely conscious of trying to only put natural, real, whole, and fresh nutrients into my body. However, there were some things in regard to my health that I wanted to address. I had some problems with my menstrual cycle, bowel movements, and sleeping. Also, I had been following a vegan diet for almost a year. Despite the many benefits I felt from the diet, I had a considerable amount of bloating, and towards the end of the year, I was craving meat! Things were not adding up.

Thanks to Alyson and her team, after taking the Food Sensitivity Test and putting the right protocols into place, I feel like my body is lighter and happier. I was putting things into my body that I had no idea I was ever sensitive to, such as gluten! To be honest, I thought gluten was “no biggie.” But, by paying attention to how I felt after eliminating gluten from my diet, I noticed that my sleeping patterns significantly improved. This was a huge reminder that there are so many reactions happening inside of our bodies that are asymptomatic from the outside. In addition to gluten, I eliminated more foods that I learned I was sensitive to, and now I have less cravings, more regular bowel movements, and hardly any bloating.

The most important thing I learned from the Food Sensitivity Test is to eat and live mindfully. If I listen to what my body is asking for, feed it with real, whole, fresh foods, and simply notice how it reacts, my body and I can be a team to execute functions to the best of our ability. Though not easy to do, this tip has improved my health and, significantly, my life.

Maekala A.