There is nothing better than a homemade gift! I love when I get something I can use and enjoy so I’ve put together a Homemade Holiday Gift Guide for you that contains some of my favorite, simple, easy-to-make DIY food gifts. They make the perfect gift!

Here are my top five reasons why homemade holiday gifts top my list…

1. You Can Make Something for the Person Who Has Everything

We all have that “hard to shop for” person in our lives, right? My parents are both in their 90’s; what could they possibly need?  They love the jam and BBQ sauce that I make; it comes in handy in a pinch.

2. You Can Control the Quality

Have you ever purchased something and it falls apart when you get it or it even breaks during shipping? When you make your own gift, you have control over quality because you get to choose the best supplies and use the best techniques.

3. It’s Highly Personal

You can create personalized gifts in so many different ways by including a favorite saying, name, color, pattern…there are endless possibilities!

4. It’s Unexpected

I LOVE the surprise factor when giving a gift! Handmade gifts can bring tears, laughter, jaw-dropping expressions and so much more!

5. You Get to Relax *and* Share a Piece of Yourself With Others

Creating something can be therapeutic or a time to get away from our busy schedules. It’s great to have an excuse to make something from scratch. And you get to share your love of the process with your favorite people!

Go here for some of my favorite and easy ‘foodie’ gifts. Have fun making a few to give away this year!

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