I work hard and I play hard. I design my life the way I want it to be. I thought that when I got divorced I would be OK with work and play but soon realized that love is the answer. How lucky am I to have a new love in my life!

We see many celebrity engagements on TV and in the newspaper. I’m not a big fan of the news but this past week got off to a love-filled start, with the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement. I felt happy for them as a couple. My daughter got engaged this past summer, I was overjoyed! You can literally see the love and feel it in these young couples. It makes me giddy! What if we had more love in the world instead of hate? Would there be a better balance?

Balance is crucial in all aspects of life…

And I believe love plays a really big part – the power of it, the strength of it, how it keeps us going in good times and in bad. In a world dominated by head-spinning headlines, I feel like the stories of love never get enough attention. I’m not just talking about love within relationships. I’m talking about love in action across all walks of life. I believe that these are the stories that the world needs more of because they give us hope for the path ahead.

We live in a time of upheaval, to be sure. We are inundated daily with stories about strife, disagreements, sexual harassment, hatred, violence and lying. These are stories that should rock us all. They should stop us cold in our tracks. They should force us all to rethink what we know. But, they shouldn’t cause us to give up on what’s good in the world.

There are stories of love all around us. I’m most inspired by the strength of love that my father shows for my mother. This isn’t just plain ‘ol love; this is purpose-driven, dedicated, giving, caring, passionate, all-out LOVE. You see, my Mom has Alzheimer’s disease. For the last 8 years, my father has cared for her in my childhood home. He is 92 years old, she is 91. He not only cooks, cleans, does the grocery shopping, the laundry, the dishes, the windows and all other things related to the house, but he dotes on her. He loves her with the deepest sense of love there is, till death do us part kind of love. He demonstrates love in action, every day. Their love story will move you and inspire you to think about love in a whole new way.

A desire to receive love, and a desire to give love, exists within all of us. It’s a common need. That’s important to remember when the world beats you down.

I think of that every time someone pushes my buttons. Lack of love is always underneath someone’s pain, rage or anger. That’s why we need more examples of love in our world.

Love has the power to heal. It softens us. It reminds us that we’re all the same. It reaffirms our belief in the goodness of others. When people feel loved, seen and accepted, they can go out and bring that to the world. When our truths are believed and met with love, we gain strength. We gain the power to tell our stories.

You and I also have the power to demonstrate love every single day. We can use our words and our platforms to be forces of healing in the world. So, if you are loved, take care of that feeling and honor it for the gift that it is. And, if you don’t feel loved, don’t despair. Meghan Markle didn’t give up on love, and look what happened to her.

As we approach this holiday season, take some time for reflection and love. Share it, hold on to it, give it away and embrace it. Love conquers all.